“Exercise in the water, be fit - again - on land“

Post-natal Aquatic Fitness

Most women, who have already learned to appreciate the positive properties of water during their pregnancy, now want to support the recovery of their body in the water. The same advantages the water offers during pregnancy also apply to recovery. In nearly complete absence of gravity the exercises are much easier for the body, but due to the water's properties - in particular the water resistance - much more efficient.

You and your body will recover to the former shape by means of strengthening, endurance and mobility exercises. Tightening of the connective tissue and positive influence on pregnancy after-effects (e.g. pelvic floor weakness, organ descent) are the further intentions of this course.

With the use of aqua gloves, pool noodles, aqua dumbbells, aqua disc (the new training device in the aqua fitness scene) as well as music, Post-natal Aquatic Fitness is very diversified and simply fun.

Prerequisite for the start of this course is the termination of childbed.


Cost reimbursement for the Aquatic Fitness classes

Depending on the health insurance fund you can request a reimbursement of the dues for the classes of this programme. The classes are measures for prevention according to § 20 Social Code V. Based on this, health insurance funds can subsidise programmes for health promotion under certain conditions. GENKI fulfils the necessary criteria. Please contact your health insurance fund for details. In the past, various health insurance funds have completely or partially reimbursed the Aquatic Fitness class. The following health insurance funds have approved my classes:

  • DAK, September 2003
  • BARMER, Februar 2004
  • Bundesverband der BKKs (betrifft alle BKKs), Oktober 2004
  • Techniker Krankenkasse, April 2004
  • GEK, 04.11.2008
  • KKH, Die Kaufmännische, März 2009
  • IKK Thüringen, Oktober 2009