"Exercise in the water, be fit during pregnancy" (from the 4th month of pregnancy)

Aquatic Fitness for 2

Immersing in the water presents for most pregnant women a relief for their body and unites them in a certain way with their unborn baby. They are held and carried by the water, they forget their daily routine and abandon themselves to the water. Their movements become easier and more fluent in the water. They experience deep relaxation and draw new power from the water. It will do you and your baby just great!

This class addresses expecting mothers who want to actively prepare themselves for the delivery. Pregnancy is a temporary and significant change of the woman's organism. Metabolism and changed body relations have influence on the strength and the general well-being during pregnancy.

The measured and adapted exercise in pleasantly warm water keeps you fit during your pregnancy, prevents pregnancy-related symptoms such as backaches, varicosis, oedemas, thromboses, pregnancy diabetes and other risks, and helps reduce them.

Due to the buoyancy of the water the motherly organism experiences a pleasant relief of joints, spine and muscles. Oedemas are flushed out in a natural way, forms of ischialgia are treated and the strength of the expecting mother is retained due to a gentle whole body training in an optimal way.

Due to its physical properties of pressure and resistance, water supports the learning of breathing techniques that are very important for the delivery. While in the water inhaling becomes more difficult and exhaling is deepened, i.e. the respiratory muscles are directly and easily strengthened and the breathing techniques can be particularly well learned in the water.

Aquatic Fitness for pregnant women is in no case a substitute for the birth preparation class on land! Ideally, it is meant as an addition for health-aware women, who are in search for an overall care during the pregnancy and who want to actively use their time during this period.


Cost reimbursement for the Aquatic Fitness classes

Depending on the health insurance fund you can request a reimbursement of the dues for the classes of this programme. The classes are measures for prevention according to § 20 Social Code V. Based on this, health insurance funds can subsidise programmes for health promotion under certain conditions. GENKI fulfils the necessary criteria. Please contact your health insurance fund for details. In the past, various health insurance funds have completely or partially reimbursed the Aquatic Fitness class. The following health insurance funds have approved my classes:

  • DAK, September 2003
  • BARMER, Februar 2004
  • Bundesverband der BKKs (betrifft alle BKKs), Oktober 2004
  • Techniker Krankenkasse, April 2004
  • GEK, 04.11.2008
  • KKH, Die Kaufmännische, März 2009
  • IKK Thüringen, Oktober 2009