Getting accustomed to water and having fun for infants from 3 to 24 months

Baby Swimming (Infants)

Baby Swimming focuses on fun in the water and the development of movability. You will learn important and first of all secure support techniques, and you will see how your baby takes advantage of the large freedom of movement in the water. The mutual experience and the intensive body contact support the close relation between baby and parents.

Baby Swimming gives infants an opportunity of locomotion at a stage, at which it would not be possible on land. They are able to move about by themselves. This confidence in their own body has a positive effect on the physical and mental development of your child. Water offers a 'three-dimensionality' and freedom of movement that every baby is refused on land. They manage to move by themselves, which is not possible on land at this point in time. This confidence in the own body has a positive effect on the physical and mental development of your child.

Baby Swimming thus has an outstanding significance for the development of all movements. Not only motorics is addressed, but also the anatomical and organic development of the infant is positively influenced. Due to its properties (wetness, coldness, buoyancy, resistance etc.), the medium water improves the perceptivity, a faculty which is still insufficiently developed in many kindergarten and school children. Perception is one of the most important prerequisites for a healthy mobility.
The wet medium opens new opportunities for your baby's creativity. Baby Swimming should not be understood as swimming in its actual sense, but as a 'different and very special playground'.

The instructor will be in the water with the participants and provide not only information but also personal assistance and individual advice. Both parents can participate in all classes. The Saturday classes are in particular suitable for working parents.