"Exercise in the water, be fit on land"

Aquatic Power

Aquatic Power - the total fitness in the medium water and the best alternative to every conventional fitness studio.

Aquatic Power is an overall training in the water that addresses all condition and coordinative capabilities a healthy body needs. Aquatic Power uses the advantages of the water combined with training implements and music. This quite ideal mixture makes this form of aqua training to a very popular and successful training method.

Aquatic Power is effective, time-efficient and gentle on the joints. Buoyancy and water resistance offer freedom of movement as well as new possibilities of intensive training for persons of every age and every fitness level. Stamina and muscle, coordination and flexibility are exercised. And this under easy conditions for joints and muscles. No other training programme assures all these benefits without negative side-effects, such as they occur when exercising on land. Injuries or painful sore muscles the next day are no longer an issue.

Implements, such as aqua gloves, pool noodles, aqua dumbbells, aqua flex, aqua disc (the new training device in the aqua fitness scene) that are shown below, support the effective training. Males as well can finally have a full-power work-out.

It feels good and it is simply fun to participate.


Cost reimbursement for the Aquatic Fitness classes

Depending on the health insurance fund you can request a reimbursement of the dues for the classes of this programme. The classes are measures for prevention according to § 20 Social Code V. Based on this, health insurance funds can subsidise programmes for health promotion under certain conditions. GENKI fulfils the necessary criteria. Please contact your health insurance fund for details. In the past, various health insurance funds have completely or partially reimbursed the Aquatic Fitness class. The following health insurance funds have approved my classes:

  • DAK, September 2003
  • BARMER, Februar 2004
  • Bundesverband der BKKs (betrifft alle BKKs), Oktober 2004
  • Techniker Krankenkasse, April 2004
  • GEK, 04.11.2008
  • KKH, Die Kaufmännische, März 2009
  • IKK Thüringen, Oktober 2009