Getting accustomed to water, play, fun and swimming for toddlers and children from 2 to 4 years

Bambini Swimming (Toddlers)

Children of this age love getting accustomed to and playing in the water. The contents of this class are an ideal preparation for learning to swim. Exercises for jumping, diving, gliding and floating as well as playing are in the foreground of this class. The children learn to swim independently with inflatable arm bands, noodles and fins - without parent's support. Depending on experience and skill, some children manage to swim without swimming aids. A few even achieve the Seepferdchen badge (see 3-years-old swimming).

The wet medium opens new opportunities for your child's creativity. The main target of Bambini Swimming is not necessarily learning to swim, but it should be understood as the preparation to it. The swimming pool is a very special playground.

Both parents can participate in all classes. The Saturday classes are in particular suitable for working parents.