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Aquatic Personal Training

In the USA, Personal Training is well incorporated in many people's schedule. The one-to-one instruction finds an increasing demand in Germany, too. While up to now Personal Training in Germany is concentrating on sports and exercise programmes on land, Aquatic Personal Training is a new opportunity for those, who want to make closer contact with water, and those, who want to perfect their movement in the water.


Aquatic Personal Training offers a tailor-made training for your personal conditions and presents an ideal alternative to traditional exercising programmes. The individual concept allows you to realise your objectives faster and more efficiently.


If you have been frustrated in traditional group classes and quit, you are right on in this individual training - without group pressure, self-consciousness and fears you can exercise in peace. I am at your sole disposal during the complete training time.


I have time for you!!!


Wherever your target might be, Aquatic Personal Training offers individual solutions for you!

  • Getting accustomed to water for children and adults
  • Learning or improvement of the swimming techniques freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly for children and adults