GENKI AQUA-SPORT UND GESUNDHEIT offers a widespread programme in the water and has become a recognised institution in the Rhein-Main area. GENKI was founded in 1997 by Frank Bender. In the sens of mens sana in corpore sano, the classes and courses cover an optimal range of movement.


The classes of GENKI AQUA-SPORT UND GESUNDHEIT take advantage of the water's natural properties. The physical (hydrostatic pressure and resistance) and the thermal stimulating effect of the water are a pleasure for body and soul. One can relax and feels almost weightless. Water is the ideal medium for well-being and fitness from infant to old age. Water is the source of life.

GENKI AQUA-SPORT UND GESUNDHEIT is looking forward to you!

The term GENKI comes from the Japanese and is translated with healthy, energetic, vivid or lively. In Japanese usage, GENKI is the term for well-being that is used very often in daily life.

Member in:

  • Bundesverband für AquaPädagogik, Berufsvereinigung privater Schwimmschulen e.V. www.bvap.de (Federal Association for Aqua Pedagogics, Professional Association of Private Swimming Schools),
  • Deutsche Schwimm-Trainer Vereinigung e.V. (DSTV) www.dstv-online.de (German Swimming Instructor Association).